Open Content Network


Open Content Network: “We are in the process of creating the Open Content Network, which aims to be the world’s largest content delivery network (CDN).

“Users will soon be able to download open source and public domain software, movies, and music at incredibly fast speeds from this global, distributed network.

“Using a new Peer-to-Peer technology, called the ‘Content-Addressable Web’, indviduals will be able to contribute to the open source movement by donating their spare bandwidth and disk space to the network.

“Note: Contrary to what some articles may say, the OCN is not a file sharing network like Kazaa. Rather, it is a controlled content delivery network for open source and public domain content.” (Vía Pub-Forum.)


No pasó nada. El link lleva a cualquier cosa. Las referencias más nuevas que aparecen en Google (y que no se refieren a otra cosa) son de 2003.

Author: Eduardo Abel Gimenez

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