Telepathine (vía BoingBoing). “Free radio/new culture.” “The telepathine playlist is donated music and performance by invited artists.”

Light Painting (vía “Light painting is a technique in which light sources are projected or ‘painted’ in selective areas during the camera exposure. All work is done on camera, no computer manipulation occurs. Exposures can range from 20 seconds upwards to 5 hours to achieve.”

Augusto Monterroso (vía Libro de notas, que dice: “El Centro Virtual Cervantes estrena un especial sobre el genial cuentista Augusto Monterroso. Biografía, cronología, bibliografía y una modesta antología de sus cuentos.”)

Google Desktop. Para buscar en la compu de uno como si fuera en la Web.

‘Tit for Tat’ Defeated In Prisoner’s Dilemma Challenge (en Slashdot).

Author: Eduardo Abel Gimenez

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